SureSkills Learning Services

We take the pain out of developing, managing, and delivering great content.

You probably didn’t hire your people to be learning experts.

But we did.

We provide the people, processes and technology you need.

At SureSkills, our experts have developed CAP/id² – a model that fosters creativity as standard practice, and includes a robust, repeatable governance framework that guides instructional designers to exceed, not just achieve, their performance goals.
“We knew when we built our portfolio of learning services that we simply had to cater to the 21st-century learner. Learning needs to be highly accessible, on-demand and available through multiple devices so that we can meet the
learner anytime and anywhere.” Ross Bolton

CEO of Learning Services

“We help today’s knowledge workers to excel in their role, by providing them with highly interactive and engaging learning experiences. We use a wide range of modalities to ensure learners have continuous access to the right learning as and when they need it.” Andy Vidler

Chief Learning Officer